Food (Waifu) Wars Anime Blu-ray Review

Studio: JC Staff
Publisher: Sentai Filmworks
Distributor: Section23
Release Date: August 15th, 2017

Do you like cooking? How about food so good it makes you ejaculate? Well, I can’t give you any cooking like that in real life, but you can certainly watch Food Wars for the simulated feel! Produced by JC Staff and brought to the west in Blu-Ray and DVD by Sentai Filmworks and Section23, Food Wars (known in Japanese as Shokugeki no Soma [食戟のソーマ]) is an excellent show with a few quirks here and there, but was enjoyable. The presentation of visual stimuli, cooking explanations, and a varied music selection certainly made Food Wars a tasty watch. Welcome to Shounen Cooking! (And many thanks for the review unit from Section23.)

Western Lowland Gorillas need ‘me time’, too.

Soma Yukihira is a middle-schooler with a dream. His dream is to one day surpass his father in cooking skill and to take over the family diner. For years, he has trained under his father’s tutelage to reach this goal and gets closer to achieving it. However, just as Soma graduates middle-school, his father decides to close up shop for a few years and sends his son to Japan’s top culinary high school… where less than 10% of the senior students complete their studies and graduate. Once there, Soma quickly makes friends (and enemies) and shows off his cooking skills.

The funniest thing to me in this picture is the spilt tea. lawlz.

Food Wars is amazingly addictive. From the moment that I watched the first episode, I was hooked and needed to finish each episode start to finish. Not skipping a single second, watching Food Wars was like taking a hot, outdoor bath with the radio playing your favorite music and your waifu-of-choice spoon-feeding you your favorite pudding. Okay. Maybe I channeled Erina too much there, but you should get the drift. The animation is excellent. The attention to detail for the OPs and EDs is excellent, as well… and the sheer amount of waifu material isn’t a bad deal, either.

Megumi a cute!~

Seriously, I don’t know which female characters I would choose over any other. The show should be called Waifu Wars at that point. The series isn’t without its mini-faults, mind you. For one, the first season stops RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A [HUGE PLOT DEVICE]. It was such a tease, but I can’t fault the series for it because of the way it was handled/directed. While it was still in the middle of that [huge plot device], it ended with a sense of finality and left you with a thirst and hunger for more.

This show constantly made me hungry. This is one of those moments that did.

Overall, the excellent music, the series’ direction, the animation, the characters, and the over-arching presentation of Food Wars makes it an excellent addition (and addiction) to an anime lover’s collection.  Even now, I’m listening to the OST and remembering all the excellent battles of cooking prowess. Characters grow, rivalries are created, and the ultimate showdown of apprentice chefs is served to you with surprising twists, turns, and revelations. For the price of $64.99 USD on Sentai Filmwork’s store, you can own Food Wars. The Blu-ray quality of the show’s visuals is absolutely worth it for the amount of money you spend… and for the food terminology alone. Oh, and the English dub is delectable. (If you have a HIDIVE premium membership, go check out the English dub of Food Wars and see if you like it, as well! The voices felt natural to the characters for the most part and the quality is well, save for some mispronounced names here and there. Leave a comment down below if you wish.)

Lolinia gives Food Wars a Drastik Moé Measure of 9.0 out of 10.0 (90).

PS. I often called Food Wars as ‘Waifu Wars’, but in all honesty, it could be called ‘Food Porn’, too. Maybe even Waifu Porn considering how much food makes them shed their clothing.

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