To Love Ru Complete Collection Anime Blu-ray Review

Studio: Xebec
Publisher: Sentai Filmworks
Distributor: Section23
Release Date: December 19th, 2017

Need a space invasion in your life? How about more naked girls whose nipples aren’t always mysteriously covered by light or fog? How about loads of comedy, too? Well, publisher Sentai Filmworks has you covered with the complete collection of the entire To Love Ru series. Grab your nearest crush and crush all your hopes and dreams with being with them by getting engaged to a space princess today! Many thanks to Section23 for providing a review unit.

Rito Yuki is your average high-school boy in love with a girl named Haruna. Unfortunately, like many girl shy kids his age, he has trouble trying to express himself to her. After another failed attempt at revealing his feelings, he’s relaxing in the bathtub when his bathwater explodes. Shielding himself, he accidentally grabs the breasts of the naked alien girl who is now standing in his bath and now he must marry her! From disastrous aquarium antics to tantalizing tantric tentacles and murderous machines, Rito’s got more on his mind now than just expressing himself; the entire universe is on his growing shoulders in the To Love Ru series!

From a personal viewpoint, I originally thought I would hate To Love Ru. The OP alone is so full of fan service that I couldn’t see myself legitimately loving the series. However, after ignoring the first few minutes of the series and the OP, I found that I really enjoyed seeing how Rito’s life was changing as Lala (the alien girl from the previous paragraph) lived alongside him. The more he tried to confess to Haruna, the more hilarious the show got. The music wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t horrible at all. The animation is pretty fluid and the girls are just simply pretty.

For the retail price of $129.98 (currently $84.99 on the Sentai Filmworks store), I can guarantee that people who love fan service, romantic comedies, and weird plots involving alien princesses should like this series. 64 episodes of tentacles, comedy, zettai ryouiki, panty shots, aliens, weird inventions, and more make the series a joy. There’s no English dub, but the subs do a good enough job. Besides, I think if they dubbed this, it’d end up as gut-bustingly good as the Ghost Stories dub and there can only be one dub of that quality in the world. We’d blow ourselves up with laughter if there was more than one.

Lolinia gives the To Love Ru Complete Collection a Drastik Moé Measure of 7.8 out of 10.0 (78).

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