A Town Where You Live Anime Blu-ray review

Studio: Gonzo
Publisher: Nozomi Entertainment
Release Date: October 4th, 2016

How far would you end up going for love? Would your friends find you disgustingly creepy towards her? Would you move halfway across the country after she dumps you? Well, Nozomi Entertainment has your future possibility covered with A Town Where You Live. Many thanks to Nozomi for the review unit.

Haruto is in love. However, his long-distance lover has broken up with him and he doesn’t understand why. So, he packs up his belongings and moves to the town where she lives. Once there, he finds out that she has a new boyfriend and refuses to see Haruto when he randomly shows up in front of her house with her little sister. Can he deal with the fact that she has moved on or will he try to win her back? Find out in A Town Where You Live.

Boy, does that sound like the story of a stalker or what? A Town Where You Live was a pretty fun watch. All the characters were somewhat likeable and some of the storyline was very much like a roller coaster with all the twists and turns. The music is nice and mellow, as well. The only thing that I didn’t really like was the stalker aspect of the show and the time skip later in the series. It felt rushed at the end and didn’t leave much of a good taste.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that the guy isn’t really called a stalker in the anime. The storyline is actually pretty well told (until the end). The characters weren’t out of place or overpowered in some way like in other anime. It just felt like the entire time that I was watching, it was glorifying the act of stalking without calling it stalking. I may be on the side of the friends the guy basically abandoned, but the act of moving to the city where your long-distance ex-girlfriend lives is not normal. I know, I know: “circumstances” … but that sounds like the excuse of a stalker, doesn’t it?

Overall, would I recommend A Town Where You Live? Yeah, I kind of would recommend the series. It’s a good view of what NOT to do when you break up with your significant other. With a retail value of $59.99 USD on the RightStuf store, I can say that it’s as full of the disappointment (depending on viewpoint) as in any random $60 game with about twice the story content (depending on developer). If anything, the twists and turns in the storytelling will keep you watching if you pay attention to the story. Hey, at least the entire cast doesn’t die every other episode. Plus, the blu-ray case art and disc art is simple, but pretty.

Lolinia gives A Town Where You Live a Drastik Moé Measure of 6.0 out of 10.0 (60).

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