Fata Morgana: A Requiem for Innocence OST Review

Developer: Novectacle
Publisher: MangaGamer
Genre: Soundtrack / Music

Two years. Yada yada yada two years yada. Yes, it’s been about two years since the atmosphere of The House in Fata Morgana swept me off my feet and ruined almost every bar I had set for VN enjoyment. In particular, the music of the game was so good that I emailed an OST request to MangaGamer after playing the game so that I could listen to the OST via Steam whenever I wanted. The music inspired me to write my first OST Review on this site. Now, the second game has inspired me to write on its music, as well. (Granted, this time I requested the music out right with the game request because I had that much hype for Requiem.) Without further ado, here are my thoughts on some of the OST songs for The House in Fata Morgana: A Requiem for Innocence.

Chitty Chatty Ceren

First off, let’s start with one of the songs named after one of the newest characters in the Fata Morgana series: Chitty Chatty Ceren. Much like how the game teaches you how to say Ceren’s name, so does the name of this song. The playful piano is a particular pungent part of this piece. It gives off the feeling that a jubilant, jaunty jester is jammin’ joyfully on the keys. Anyway, enough alliteration from me, for now. The song is very, very Ceren and both character and song feel like they go together. It felt like a song from a 50’s/60’s cartoon and told a story with the notes. Curious tones in the sound and slightly disjointed playing really brought out the depth of this song and made me really feel how happy a person Ceren was. The reverb is also a highly nice touch.

This is not the ideal chit-chat I thought we’d first have with Ceren.

A Place to Call Home

The song’s name is a big part of the novel itself. Everyone, and I mean everyone, in this novel is looking for a place of acceptance, a place where they feel safe; they want a place to rest their head and call it home. In accordance to that fact, you also hear this song quite a bit often as you play through the novel. The people enslaved by Lord Barnier, the people displaced into the slums, and even the young Morgana finding herself in a ‘den of debauchery’ just want a place to call their own. This song has a very warm sound to it and feels like the type of song you would play during a flashback moment. The kind of sound that reminds you that there’s a place waiting for your return.

Even sad men needing happiness want a home to return to after the night ‘party’ ends.

A Requiem for Innocence

The title song of this game and also the same song used during the trailer released for the game. It is very full of impact and urgency. Having read the first game, this song and the vocals make me feel that extended feeling of drama draped upon the backs of dramallamas eating dramacakes topped with a delectable drama-cream icing with a drama-cherry on top. If that wasn’t clear enough, this song really connected me to the drama of the last game. It has the fierce intensity, saddening undertones, and overbearing depth of the first game all rolled into one song. At first, I didn’t like it and it may take time to grow to your ears, as well. However, it completely envelops the soundscape and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The song is beautiful.

Slippery cuz of all the tears of ‘happiness’, amirite, Maria?

Serie de Fragmento

Perhaps the crown jewel in the OST, this new version of Serie de Fragmento is gobsmackingly beautiful and absolutely astounding. Let me state that the original version is in no way inferior to this version when compared by the emotions they invoke. The original has a melancholic tone that inspires one to move on from their mistakes; for one to reflect, but not constantly dwell on, their past and to move on. However, the new version carries a sense of being in the present. The vocals are in first-person and bring a very personal, deep connection to the now, instead of the past. The removal of the electronic buzz sound from the previous version (which reminded me of a person gradually remembering things) and the deeper piano tones together with the new vocals truly brought out the now factor during the scenes where it played.

Me, too, bud. Me, too.

A Soft Spring Shower

This song gave me the feeling of innocence being lost. Like many tracks in this OST, it is simply a piano as the sole instrument. With this track, though, most of the notes are in the higher range of the piano. While the song doesn’t have any undertones of something bad happening during scenes where it’s played, it does feel very saddening and heartfelt. Like a precious something is being taken away note by note. The fact that you can hear the piano’s hammers hitting the strings and the slight reverb added into the track really brings home that feeling, as well.

Perhaps she was a little too innocent to let random people kiss her feet…

Left Behind

Three notes in and you can already feel the heavy weight of depression on your shoulders. This is a song for those who couldn’t, wouldn’t, or shouldn’t have kept up with those they knew. For those torn from families, sold into slavery, and misguided and unfortunate souls, this is their song. I must admit, that listening to this song for too long easily threw me into a lethargic, depressive state. It is a painful song, but a remarkably beautiful song at the same time. The emotion behind it feels like inner screaming and turmoil subdued to a mere squawk. Still loud and present, but nowhere near as loud as it could be.

If you want true quietness, praying silently in a cemetery may work for you.

Dance and Stamp and Cheer

Other than the misguided nature of the first song I mentioned, this is probably the only truly jovial song in the entire OST. Need a funny moment? Or how about a pick-me-up after listening to the other songs above? Dance and Stamp and Cheer is the go-to song. It’s the only song without a discernible piano throughout most of the song and the most cheery of the entire OST. If you’re knee deep or above in depression, this is the de facto song in the OST to listen to unless you wanna go further in the deep. The happy vocals and jaunty percussion is perfect for a laugh. I mean, I should know. I almost keeled over laughing while this song played during my playthrough. >.>

Watch LoliNia be a fool on Twitch.

Overall, I have to say that while the selection of total songs is smaller in this OST, it is still just as good as the original game’s OST and is oh-so-lovely to listen to while playing (and not playing) the game. There are plenty of tracks that I didn’t discuss here, but are all very good. For the price of $9.95 USD on the MangaGamer store and $9.99 USD on Steam, this OST is easily worth double that, in my opinion. Truly, I implore you to get the OST when you get the game. It really is magnificent.

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