Chugga chugga choo choo! – Maitetsu (PC) Review

Developer: lose
Publisher: Sekai Project
Genre: Visual Novel
Release Date: June 29th, 2018

Have a train fetish? No? Like well written visual novels instead? Yes? Want one with well-developed characters, but is lighter on your wallet? Let’s sprinkle on some killer music, too. Fall in love with trains in the recently released visual novel Maitetsu, published by Sekai Project. Many, many thanks to Sekai Project for the review key.

Very detailed tips. And they’re all voiced!

Everyone has a bad day in their life. No one is positive 100% of the time in their life. Sometimes, you reach 0 and have to get back up. Meet Sotetsu Migita, a man who has reached lower than 0, but he got out of that. Now returning to the town that saved him, he must now find a way to save the town. There, he meets the android-esque existence known as Hachiroku. She is a Raillord, a being meant to guide trains on the rails. Together with a plethora of compatriots, how will Sotetsu grow and save the town? Find out that and more by reading Maitetsu or spoiling yourself a little by reading on in the review.


My experience with Maitetsu was one of those “I’m just gonna play a little bit” moments that turned into “Where did the week go?” in the blink of an eye. The characters, the music, and the overall story told by the game is absolutely breathtaking. I squealed; I cried, and I laughed way more than I should have. With no previous interests in trains, the only original reason I wanted to play Maitetsu was because I was told it was full of loli characters. I’m a sucker for cute little anime girls being cute. Heck, I’m a sucker for any cute anime girl being cute. How many times did I say I watched K-On, again? >.>;

The flat brigade has arrived! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

However, Maitetsu steps above being ‘just another loli game’. The writer(s) did not try to pander towards shock value or petty jokes about breast sizes. This game has one purpose for the reader. It wants to cram as much info into your head to make you love trains. Seriously, if an abundant amount of train statistics, lore, and puns isn’t your thing, you’re riding down the wrong rails with this game.


Personally, what became my motive to continue playing the game was the amount of characters, despite the overwhelming amount of train terminology driving me loco. While Sotetsu is hopeless when it comes to seeing how the others girls view him, his character growth throughout the main routes is undeniable. Slowly, he opens up more and becomes less of an enigma. In turn, that affects those around him and they grow as well.

This scene and sprite never end up together in the main game. I just wanted to make a scene especially for this review. Click the pic for a video~

Maitetsu was a joy and I can’t recommend it enough, especially for how low it costs. The All-Ages version is a mere $15 USD on Steam for easily 30+ hours of reading. For me, it took around 55 hours to complete and that’s without all the ecchi extras you would get with the 18+ version. With the amount of content that you get, I absolutely recommend this visual novel. I wasn’t able to see what makes the 18+ version double the price, but even if you don’t want the sex bits, I’ve been told that it’s like ChronoClock and all that stuff is unlockables, so I would get whichever version you want. You still get a great story.

Lolinia gives Maitetsu a Drastik Measure of 8.5 out of 10.0 (85).


  • Magnificent story
  • Superb music
  • Made me cry
  • Unlockables (artwork, sprites, bgm) are super fun to play with (video here, as well)


  • Typos in some places
  • Side stories are way too short and end much too abruptly to fully enjoy

Mileage may vary

  • You can use your own fonts, but they may in fact break the game and make it crash.

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