Imouto Paradise 2 – PC Review

Genre: Adventure
Developer: MOONSTONE
Publisher: MangaGamer
Release Date: Dec 22, 2017
Edited by KnightAvenger

Imouto Paradise 2 is a moé style visual novel which can be classed as a nukige – that is a game where the main focus is on the sexual content. It is developed by Moonstone Cherry and published by MangaGamer.

The game is set in your normal, everyday residental area of Japan. You follow the life of Keiichi Nanase and his interactions with his five sisters which include the motherly Momoka, the strict Ririna, the childish Yuzu, the athletic Chiharu and the bookish Shizuku. The game occurs while the parents happen to be away over the summer vacation.

If you have played the original Imouto Paradise game or seen the animation, quite a few things will seem familar. The setting is basically the same and the majority of the characters follow a similar color scheme and have similar personalities. The characters from Imouto Paradise 2 are the children of those characters.


There is very little story in this game. A common pattern is alternating some humorous events or a standard trope, such as a beach visit with a sexual scene. Quite a few of the dialogues leading to sex are not at all believable and there isn’t really much in the way of character development. There does not seem to be much difficulty on any side about sex between siblings, either. In short, don’t get this for the writing or expect much depth.

There is a common route which consists of three days where you either choose a girl to visit or do nothing, which is then followed by longer routes for each character and a harem route. It is possible to get a bad ending, but the choices are fairly clear to proceed correctly. After the common route, you do not get any choices which impact your progression or the story.


The artwork is one of the areas where this game shines. It is drawn in what can be described as a moé style. Each visual is of high quality and the game features many CGs, including some partially animated ones. Considering the focus of this game, it gets points for having 15 sexual CGs per character and a few harem route CGs in addition.


The opening song is quite catchy and the background music is limited but quite enjoyable and energetic. The character voices are done well and are all distinct to the characters.


I did not come across any technical issues while playing through Imouto Paradise 2. It was well done in that area.

This game includes the standard visual novel features and, in addition, allows you to input your own name. Notably, you can skip scenes you have not read yet at a quick pace by holding enter, which is not always the case but is useful in this type of game.

I would recommend Imouto Paradise 2 if the reader is only interested in skipping to the sexual scenes. I feel like it could have been improved quite a lot by adding in at least a small amount of difficulty for Keiichi to get his siblings in bed (or on the beach, or on the train, as also happened in one route).

There are some humorous moments but there were not any which actually made me laugh. They did start to get a bit dry, unfortunately, as they tended to follow a similar pattern each time, with the characters acting in almost the same way.


  • Great artwork
  • Animated CGs
  • Energetic soundtrack
  • Knows its audience


  • No focus on the writing
  • Felt too unbelievable. e.g. having sex with blood-related sibling by day 2

Eden gives Imouto Paradise 2 a Drastik Measure of 4.5 out of 10.0 (45).

Many thanks to MangaGamer for the review copy. Imouto Paradise 2 is available on MangaGamer for $44.95 (USD).

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