Princess Principal Anime Blu-ray review

Studios: Actas, Studio 3Hz
Publisher: Sentai Filmworks
Distributor: Section23 Films
Release Date: September 25, 2018

Do you need a show to excite you? One that has a catchy OP to get you pumped for the episode? Engaging storyline that isn’t as obvious as it would seem? Enough action and blood with no room for asking “Did s/he die?” {Hint: They dead. (\>3>/)} How about a show that has loads of espionage to interest you? Maybe a dash of steampunk here and there? Well, then Princess Principal is for you! Many thanks to Section23 for the review unit.

Ten years ago, revolution broke out and divided the country in two. After the war ended, all seems peaceful. However, a secret war steeped in espionage now wages in the capital. Two old friends separated by the wall erected during the revolution meet again and begin working as spies together while attending a prestigious girl’s academy. Attend math class by day, steal secret documents by night. Watch the show to find out more~

Okay, yeah, my synopsis of Princess Principal really doesn’t do the show justice, but I REALLY don’t want to spoil ANYTHING. The show is so much better enjoyed learning what happens while watching it. The character personalities, the background stories, the episode/case format, it’s all so lovely. Let me not forget about the music nor art style. Yes, one of the characters makes me think she’s a clone of Sinon from SAO, but at the same time…. She could role play that role perfectly if SAO was a thing in their world.

What impressed me the most about Princess Principal was the English dub, though. Anyone who reads these reviews I write know that I love both subs and dubs, even though I learn more on subs to soak up as much elementary Japanese through listening as I can. I usually don’t dedicate a whole paragraph to dubs in the shows I review, but this one deserves it. The English voices match each character perfectly. The tone of voice direction matches the tone of the show and actually became my favorite part of the show. I vastly preferred listening to the English dub this time around and if you can watch it (whether by buying the blu-ray or watching via HIDIVE) in English, I highly recommend it!

Overall, Princess Principal is definitely a must watch. I waited two years to see this show due to the stupidity that was Amazon Strike’s double paywall and it was worth the painful wait. For the retail value of $69.98 USD on the Sentai Filmworks store, this show is worth every cent. Get it. Watch it with friends. No friends? Watch it with your pet… and if you have no pet, watch it by yourself like I did! If cute girls with awesome animation, music, and character development are your thing, this show is really good. I definitely want you to hear me out on this. Princess Principal is worth it. Princess Principal is worth it. Princess Principal is WORTH IT.

Lolinia gives Princess Principal a Drastik Measure of 9.0 out of 10.0 (90).

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