Anime Blu-ray review – Takunomi – A show to drink to!

takunomi anime title screen

Studio: Production IMS
Publisher: Sentai Filmworks
Distributor: Section23 Films
Release Date: December 18, 2018
Edited by CrimsonMomongaSSS

Are you hungry right now? Maybe a bit peckish? Well, find something to eat anyway, because even if your answer was “no” it just might change after this anime. No, it’s not as hunger-inducing as Food Wars!, but every episode still made me want to eat. If that sounds up your alley or you’re just tired of high school settings and fantasy isekai stories, then Takunomi may be the anime for you! Grab some snacks and a drink, and prepare yourself for a good time! Many thanks to Section23 for the review unit!

Sometimes, the best place to relax the day away is also the place you call home

All of these characters are above 20 years of age takunomi anime
Chibis insisting they’re at least 20 years old! Cute? Yes. Yes, it is.

Michiru (no, not the blonde from Grisaia) has just moved to Tokyo from her hometown and is job-hunting. Fortunately, she already has a place to lay her head and call home: ‘Stella House Haruno’, a shared apartment for women… who happen to love a good drink after work! Sometimes, the best place to relax the day away is also the place you call home, and Michiru is about to learn this firsthand! Take a load off and drink the night away with Takunomi!

takunomi anime michiru feels the power of boobs -_-
….total defeat, eh, Michiru?

Seriously though, this anime made me want to try alcohol for the first time in my life. The animation makes it look so good! I mean, my stomach growled in more than a few of the episodes. However, you’re not really here to hear/read about my stomach. The show, though short, is pretty fun to watch. Mind you, you won’t be getting any heart-wrenching drama or high-rolling adventures; Takunomi is about as slice-of-life as slice-of-life anime can get.

You won’t be getting any high-rolling adventures in this anime

Takunomi anime girl walking down a path dressed as a Japanese samurai
Hey, author! I thought you said no adventure!

The English dub that comes on the Blu-ray is also quite enjoyable. While the Japanese track is perfectly fine, I found myself liking the English much more. The voice acting was smooth, natural, and left me feeling at ease. At the same time, because of the nature of the show, much of what they said was painted in my mind’s eye, and so I didn’t have to keep my eyes glued to the screen to understand. Juliet Simmons (Michiru) is slowly becoming one of my top ten recognizable voices. Kanade in Chihayafuru, Yuuri in Girls’ Last Tour, and Mayumi in Food Wars! are some of my favorite characters in their respective shows, and she voices each one of them. Fanboyism aside, the dub was splendid to my ears.

takunomi anime blu-ray disc credits
A toast to the people who made the Blu-ray look so good! It doesn’t matter that we’re toasting with a phone, right?

Overall, I truly enjoyed watching Takunomi. It’s an anime that taught me a lot about a world I never knew within a world I do. Whether it’s showing off Shochu Highball, Suiyoubi no Neko, or the salty-sour goodness of Otoko Ume Sour, the show is good at what it does. If you don’t mind learning about Japanese alcoholic beverages or possibly getting a case of the munchies, I’d certainly recommend giving it a watch. Though, with a price of $49.98 USD on the Sentai Filmworks store, I would also recommend waiting for a sale. With an average episode length of 12-13 minutes, it’ll take a chunk out of your wallet for a show that you might not watch often or for that long. However, I do still feel that it is worth getting. In addition, it’s also available on HIDIVE in both subbed and dubbed formats. Happy watching and happy, responsible, drinking to you all!

Lolinia gives Takunomi a score of 7.2 out of 10.0 (72) Moé Blobs.

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